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Comparison of palmitoyl-proteomes

This tool aims to compare multiple palmitoyl-proteomes, from the same or different species. In order to simplify the results, we decided to apply the comparison at the level of genes. To do so, UniProtKB/TrEMBL were merged to the corresponding UniProtKB/SwissProt entry. Hits reported from targeted studies are also reported if they are also found in palmitoyl-proteomes or not (0 palmytoyl-proteome studies). It is possible to select the species on which to map the results using OrthoDB and OMA.
HC = High confidence, MC = Medium confidence, LC = Low confidence
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OrganismCell typeStudies
Arabidopsis thaliana Heyn Col-4 ecotype root cell suspension 1Hemsley PA et al. (2013) 
Homo sapiens 174 x CEM.T1 2Colquhoun DR et al. (2015) 
Homo sapiens B-cell 3Ivaldi C et al. (2012) 
Homo sapiens Brain 4Pinner AL et al. (2016) 
Homo sapiens DU145 5Yang W et al. (2010) , 6Yang W et al. (2010) , 7Yang W et al. (2010) 
Homo sapiens HEK293 8Forrester MT et al. (2011) , 9Peng T et al. (2015) , 10Peng T et al. (2015) 
Homo sapiens HUVEC 11Wei X et al. (2013) 
Homo sapiens Jurkat 12Martin BR et al. (2009) , 13Wilson JP et al. (2011) , 14Morrison E et al. (2015) 
Homo sapiens MCF7 15Hernandez JL et al. (2016) 
Homo sapiens Platelet 16Dowal L et al. (2011) 
Homo sapiens Primary CD4 + T cells 17Morrison E et al. (2015) 
Homo sapiens RPE-1 18Serwa RA et al. (2015) 
Homo sapiens SW480 19Fang C et al. (2016) 
Homo sapiens Umbilical vein blood 20Marin EP et al. (2012) 
Mus musculus 3T3-L1 and epididymal fat pads 21Ren W et al. (2013) 
Mus musculus BW5147-derived mouse T-cell hybridoma cell 22Martin BR et al. (2012) 
Mus musculus Brain 23Wan J et al. (2013) 
Mus musculus DC2.4 24Chesarino NM et al. (2014) 
Mus musculus Dendritic cell 25Yount JS et al. (2010) 
Mus musculus MEF 26Chesarino NM et al. (2014) 
Mus musculus Macrophage Raw 264.7 27Merrick BA et al. (2011) 
Mus musculus Neural stem cell 28Li Y et al. (2012) 
Mus musculus liver 29Gould NS et al. (2015) 
Neosartorya fumigata (strain CEA10 / CBS 144.89 / FGSC A1163) conidia 30Upadhyay S et al. (2016) 
Plasmodium falciparum (isolate 3D7) Whole organism 31Jones ML et al. (2012) , 32Jones ML et al. (2012) 
Rattus norvegicus Cortical neuron 33Kang R et al. (2008) 
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c) Isogenic LRB759 34Roth AF et al. (2006) 
Schizosaccharomyces pombe Whole organism 35Zhang MM et al. (2013)