SwissPalm: protein S-palmitoylation database

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The following search tool will provide a list of UniProtKB entries. For more information on the free text search, please click the question mark button. To get a quicker answer from our server, you can search on a subset of total proteins, by selecting a specific organism or a given dataset of proteins. Query results can still be filtered using the box on the top left side of the result table. Final results can be downloaded following the link "Download to tab file".
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For more complex queries with UniProt annotations, go on, and submit below the list of UniProt identifiers.
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Reference: SwissPalm: Protein Palmitoylation database. Mathieu Blanc*, Fabrice P.A. David*, Laurence Abrami, Daniel Migliozzi, Florence Armand, Jérôme Burgi and Gisou van der Goot. F1000Research.